Geometric Storage Boxes

Geometric Storage Boxes

What You'll Need:

Paper Storage Box
Sharpie Marker®
Spectrum Noir Markers
Drawer Pulls of Choice
Chipboard or Cardboard Scaps

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time:1 Hour

How to Make Geometric Storage Boxes

Mix trend with organization when you create Geometric Storage Boxes. Customize your storage by picking your favorite geometric shapes and knobs to embellish with. These storage boxes are so simple to make and will allow you to avoid clutter this school year! Dress up your desk today. 
  • 1 Choose geometric shape

    Choose a simple geometric shape such as an octagon or triangle. Trace the shape onto the chipboard and cut it out to use as a pattern.

  • 2 Trace a design

    Trace a design using the chipboard pattern onto the storage boxes with a Sharpie® marker. Refer to the photo for ideas.

  • 3 Color in shapes

    Color in the shapes with the Spectrum Noir markers. Be careful around the line edges because Spectrum are alcohol based markers and could smudge the Sharpie® marker. (Non-alcohol based markers can also be used).

  • 4 Attach drawer pulls

    To attach the drawer pulls to the storage boxes, make sure the drawer pull covers the hole on the front by cutting a piece of chipboard larger than the hole. This will be used like a large washer. Make a hole in the center of the chipboard, place it on the inside of the box and secure the knob in place.