Team Spirit Fleece Scarf

fleece scarf

What You'll Need:

Fleece Fabric 24" Color of Choice
Fabric Scissors


Difficulty Level: Beginer
Approximate Crafting Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Team Spirit Fleece Scarf

Stay warm and cozy during the crisp nights of fall while still supporting your favorite team! A Mini Team Spirit Fleece is fun, festive and combines your favorite team colors.
  • 1 Cut fleece

    Cut fleece in half so you have two pieces of fabric, 12" in length. 

  • 2 Cut strips

    Fold the first piece in half and cut out seperate 1" strips (approximately 1" x 12" in size). 

  • 3 Cut other piece of fleece

    Fold the seond piece of fleece in half, but cut 1" strips, stopping approximately ½" from the fold (leavin gthe strips connected). 

  • 4 Tie strips together

    Tie the cut strips from the first piece in-between each strip on the second piece, making a fringe.