Pumpkin Exploration Book

Pumpkin Exploration Book

What You'll Need:

Foamies Foam Pumpkin Bases (2 per each)
1/16th Hole Punch
Mini Gold Brads (1 per student)
Interior Pumpkin Book Pages

Courtesy of Katie from Sweet Rose Studio
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Min

How to Make a Pumpkin Exploration Book

We are quickly approaching some of the most fun times of the year as parents and educators; the fall, winter and holiday seasons! There are so many ways to incorporate the changing of seasons and the celebrations that occur during the remaining months of the year into classroom curriculum; utilize pumpkins during your math, writing, and science times with a Pumpkin Exploration Book! 

  • 1 Cut interior pages Pumpkin Exploration Book

    Cut out the interior pages of the pumpkin book. Here is a link to interior pumpkin book pages

  • 2 Punch a hole at base of stem Pumpkin Exploration Book

    Using the hole puncher, puch a hole at the base of the stem of one of the paper pumpkins. 

  • 3 Punch holes in the rest of pumpkins Pumpkin Exploration Book

    Use the first hole-punched paper as a template for the remaining pages and foam covers. Layer the template over the top of the remaining pages and punch a hole. 

  • 4 Gather and brad pages together Pumpkin Exploration Book

    Gather the cover pumpkins and pages together and press the mini brad through the aligned holes.

  • 5 Record all you've learned Pumpkin Exploration Book

    Get to work and get to exploring pumpkins and recording all that you learned!