Spirit T-Shirt

Spirit shirt

What You'll Need:

Number and Letter Stencils
Fabric Markers

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time:

How to Make a Spirit T- Shirt

Show off your school spirit this season with your own Spirit T-Shirt! This easy and affordable craft is a great project to cheer on your favorite player, team or school in a fun, spirited way.  
  • 1 Cut shirt

    Cut shirt as desired. Cut off sleeves and/or cut 1" wide strips along the bottom and sleeves of the shirt if desired.

  • 2 Place cardboard

    Place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so fabric markers do not bleed through.

  • 3 Draw desired phrases

    Using ABC and number stencils and fabric markers, draw spirit phrases/ team numbers on the front and/or back of the t-shirt.