Advent House

Advent House

What You'll Need:

Wood Advent House
Natural Sisal Trees
Santa Mini
Aleene's® True Snow
Acrylic Paint: Red, Geen, Metallic Gold
Gold Glitter Glue

Courtesy of Darice® 
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hrs (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make an Advent House

Do you and your family count down the days until Christmas every year? Make counting the days more fun this year with an Advent House! Put a fun little surprise in the doors and make it a tradition every night!

  • 1 Remove drawers

    Remove the drawers from the house. 

  • 2 Paint house & drawers

    Paint the outside section of the house green and the drawers red. Let them dry. This may need several coats of paint. 

  • 3 Add snow

    Add Aleene's® True Snow to the roof and recessed area. Arrange the trees and the minis in the snow. Let dry. 

  • 4 Paint knobs

    Paint the drawer knobs gold and let dry. 

  • 5 Write numbers on drawers

    Use the glitter glue to write the numbers on the drawers. Let them dry.