Christmas Candle Wreath

Christmas Candle Wreath

What You'll Need:

Hot Temp Glue Gun - Glue Stick Size 7/16 Inch
Wire Cutter
Hot Melt Extra Strength High Temp Glue Sticks
22 Gauge Black Wire
Christmas Garland
10 in. Quilting Hoop
12 in. Quilting Hoop
14 in. Quilting Hoop
Silver Metallic Spray Paint
LED Candle Sticks (2)
11 in. LED Tapered Candle
Cypress Glitter Stick (2)
Berry Pick Red
Mistletoe Berry Pick

Courtesy of EnWreathed

Difficutly Level: Intermediate

Approximate Crafting Time: 1 Hour (Not including dry time)

How To Make a Christmas Candle Wreath

Adorn your holiday display with the festive colors of the season! This beautiful DIY Christmas Candle Wreath is vibrant and will surely pop at night with the LED candles. Pick up your supplies at your local Pat Catan's.

  • 1 Protect your work area

    Protect your work area to prevent damage from glue drip, glitter and floral shedding. Allow glue gun to heat up for approximately 5 minutes.

  • 2 Separate the rings

    Separate the inner ring of quilting hoop from the outside ring. Only inner rings will be used for this project.

  • 3 Paint the rings Christmas Candle Wreath

    Using metallic silver spray paint, coat the entire ring surface inside and out using a light back & forth motion to avoid paint drip. Use paint in a well ventilated area. Allow to dry.


  • 4 Position rings Christmas Candle Wreath

    Position rings as shown in diagram.

  • 5 Wire the rings together

    Wire the rings together using the 12" hoop partially over the 14" hoop. The 10" and 12" rings are wired together side by side. Nylon cable ties may also be used to secure. Cut excess wire.

  • 6 Apply glue to candles

    Using glue gun, apply glue to base of each candle and place on inside bottom center of hoop as shown. Avoid gluing over candle battery opening.

  • 7 Cut greenery Christmas Candle Wreath

    Use wire cutters to cut greenery section of garland. Bend stems to form the shape of bottom section of hoop.

  • 8 Attach greenery stems Christmas Candle Wreath

    Attach greenery stems to bottom section of hoop using wire and hot glue.

  • 9 Continue cutting greenery Christmas Candle Wreath

    Continue to cut garland greenery branches. Wire and glue to the bottom section of the 10" and 12" hoops as proeviously done in Step 8. Cover wired sections with greenery. Repeat until all greenery is filled in along the bottom of the hoop.

  • 10 Add batteries

    Add batteries to candle sticks per package directions. Twist body of candle to turn on.

  • 11 Display Christmas Candle Wreath Christmas Candle Wreath

    Design can be displayed from ribbon using a nail.