DIY Translucent Tree Ornaments

DIY Translucent Tree Ornaments

What You'll Need:

Self Sealing Laminating Sheets
High Gloss Mod Podge
Jewerly Wire
Wire Cutters
Paint Brush

Courtesy of Ursula of HomeMadebyCarmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time:

How to Make a DIY Translucent Tree Ornaments

Go ahead and deck those boughs of holly with something even better than store bought decorations...DIY tree ornaments you can brag you made yourself! It has gold, it has sparkle, its translucent, and it's a modern take on mini pine trees! Every trendy element has been added to create these gorgeous contemporary Christmas tree ornaments. The best part? While it looks like it is straight out of a catalog, it will barely cost you anything to make an entire tree full!
  • 1 Cut small triangle Cut small triangle

    Cut a small triangle shape out of the plastic sheet, then use that cutout as a template to cut multiple triangle pieces of the same size. 

  • 2 Cut slit in middle cut slit

    Next, cut a slit directly in the middle of the triangle from the bottom halfway up. Then cut a slit from the top of a second triangle down to the middle. 

  • 3 Poke a hole close to top

    Using a sewing machine needle, poke a hole close to the top of the tip of each triangle with the slit cut from the bottom. Draw the needle all the way through so you create a wide enough hole for wire to go through. 

  • 4 Insert pieces into each other insert triangles

    These two triangle pieces can now be inserted into each other to form a mini "tree"

  • 5 Add Mod Podge add modge podge

    Using a small paint brush, spread a thick layer of Mod Podge along the bottom edges of the mini tree. Don't miss any of the sides, be sure to get the back and front of each edge. 

  • 6 Dip edges into glitter Dip ornament in glitter

    Did the Mod Podge® covered edges into the glitter and set aside upright to dry. If you're using beads, you will need to sprinkle them onto each Mod Podge® filled edge. 

  • 7 Cut jewelry wire Cut wire

    While trees are drying, cut pieces of jewelry wire to about an inch and a half in length. Bend these jewelry wire hangers into a variety of cute shapes, always leaving a place to hook on your ornament on one end and to hang from the other end.