Dyed Sisal Tree Miniscape

Dyed Sisal Tree

What You'll Need:

Large Sisal Trees
Medium Sisal Trees
Assorted Sisal Trees
Wood Plaque
White Acrylic Paint
Aleene's® True Snow
Wood Chalkboard
Gnome of Choice
Alcohol Inks
Ranger Ink Solvent
Small Spritzer Bottle
Fine Glitter of Choice
White Paint Pen
Thin Dowel Rod
Paper Towels
Rubber Gloves
Foam Brush
Craft Stick
Mod Podge®
Paper or Ranger Craft Sheet

Courtesy of Darice®
Skill Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (not including dry time)

How to Make a Dyed Sisal Tree Miniscape

Turn your space into a winter wonderland with a handmade Dyed Sisal Tree Miniscape! Use your favorite colors and characters to personalize it to your style and taste. Find all your supplies and start crafting!
  • 1 Protect work surface

    Protect your work surface with paper or a craft sheet and wear rubber gloves.

  • 2 Pour solvent in bottle

    Pour solvent into the small spritzer bottle. 

  • 3 Spritz the trees

    Spritz the trees with the solvent and add a few drops of ink to the top and bottom of the tree. Spritz again and tip the tree for the ink to saturate. Add more ink for darker color. Use paper towels to blot. Set aside on paper or craft sheet to dry completely. 

  • 4 Paint wood plaque

    Paint wood plaque white and let dry. 

  • 5 Lightly spray trees

    Lightly spray trees with spray adhesive or apply Mod Podge®, then sprinkle on the glitter. Tap of excess glitter. 

  • 6 Write a saying

    Write a saying on the chalkboard sign with the paint pen.

  • 7 Cut section from dowel rod

    Cutt off a 3" section from the dowel rod and glue it to the back of the sign. 

  • 8 Spread snow

    Spread a thick layer of the snow onto the plaque and arrange the trees, gnome and sign into place. Let dry overnight.