Glittered Dipped Tree

Glittered Dipped Tree

What You'll Need:

Wood Shadowbox Tree
Laser Mini Cutouts
Gold Paint
Extra Fine Glitter: Gold, Snowfall
Pigment Inkpads or Paint
12"x 12" Light Blue Cardstock
Mod Podge®
Paint Brushes
Straight Edge
Painter's Tape
X-Acto® Knife
Tape Runner or Tombow® Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Glittered Dipped Tree

It's amazing how much a dallop of sparkle can really brighten up a room! Paint your wooden shadowbox tree, add some glitter and you have yourself a festive winter decoration! Follow these easy steps and make your own Glittered Dipped Tree!

  • 1 Draw line on tree

    Lay the tree down onto your work surface. Place a straight edge diagonally across the bottom third of the tree. Lightly draw a line along the straight edge. 

  • 2 Draw lines inside the shelves

    Lightly draw lines across the inside shelves. Use the painter's tape to mask off along the lines. An X-Acto® knife helps accurately cut off any excess tape. 

  • 3 Paint bottom gold

    Paint the bottom masked area gold and let dry. 

  • 4 Brush Mod Podge┬« & add glitter

    Brush Mod Podge® onto the gold areas and add gold glitter. Tap off excess glitter and let dry. 

  • 5 Remove tape

    Carefully remove painter's tape.

  • 6 Trace tree on blue cardstock

    Lay the tree onto light blue cardstock and trace it with a pencil. Remove the tree and cut out the shape. Attach the cutout to the back of the tree with glue or a tape runner. 

  • 7 Ink, Mod Podge┬« & glitter cutouts

    Choose 6 to 8 pairs of mini cutouts. Lightly ink the shapes, Mod Podge® and add snowfall glitter. Let dry. 

  • 8 Place foam adhesive dots on cutouts

    Place 1 to 2 foam adhesive dots on the back of one of the cutouts and sandwich each pair together. Place onto the shelves as desired.