Glittery Reindeer and Sleigh

Glittery Reindeer and Sleigh

What You'll Need:

2 Wooden Reindeer
2 Wooden Sleighs
Acrylic Paint:
Red/White Baker's Twine
Red Tinsel Pom Poms
Mini Craft Sticks
Wooden Spools
Fine Cherry Red Glitter
Darice® Crystal AB Glitter
Red Jingle Bells
Mod Podge®
Sponge Daubers
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Glittery Reindeer and a Sleigh

It's Christimas time and Santa's Reindeer and Sleigh have arrived! Use paint, glitter, twine and jingle bells to accessorize his trusty ride. Once complete, his Reindeer and Sleigh can be displayed on your mantle or shelf all season long!
  • 1 Paint the reindeer

    Using the photo as a guide, paint the reindeer white. Leave the edges unpainted.

  • 2 Paint the sleighs

    Paint the sleighs white and their runners and stripes red. Leave the edges unpainted.

  • 3 Paint the spools

    Paint two wooden spools red and one white. Let dry.

  • 4 Add Glitter to the runners & stripe

    Mod Podge® the runners and the stripe and sprinkle with red glitter. Tap off excess and let dry.

  • 5 Put the sleigh together

    Glue the spools on one side of a sleigh and then glue the other sleigh to the opposite side of the spools to connect them.

  • 6 Add the reindeer

    Glue a mini craft stick to the back of the front legs of both reindeer to support them standing. Position the reindeer next to each other and glue a wooden spool to their bodies to connect them. Glue another craft stick to connect the back leg of one deer to the sleigh runner.

  • 7 Add the bells

    Cut about a 24" section of twine. String two red bells onto the twine, towards the center. Wrap the center around one reindeer's neck with the bell hanging, go across to the other reindeer and wrap the twine around its neck. Bring the ends of the twine to the sleigh and glue a small pom pom onto each end.