Holiday Luminary Jars

Holiday luminary jars

What You'll Need:

Holiday Miniatures Such As Flocked Penguins, Snowmen or Deer
Glue Dots
Sisal Trees
Artificial Snow
Mason Jar Solar Light Adapters
16 oz. Mason Jars Without Wide Mouths
Red Doily Lace Tape

Courtesy of Gretchen from Three Little Monkeys
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 minutes

How to Make Holiday Luminary Jars

Whether they're charging in the sunlight or illuminating your home, these Holiday Luminary Jars are a whimsical Christmas decoration. Customize your very own winter scene with miniatures and sisal trees, then add the solar light adapter to illuminate it.
  • 1 Apply a glue dot Sisal tree

    Take 2 to 3 sisal trees of various heights and apply a glue dot to the bottom of each.

  • 2 Group the trees Miniatures in a jar

    Group the sisal trees in the bottom of an opened mason jar. Place them towards the back of the jar to allow room for your figure.

  • 3 Add snow Sistal trees in mason jar

    Apply a layer of artificial snow, approximately 1/2" to 1" deep. You want to add just enough to cover the base of the sisal trees.

  • 4 Place miniature Mini deer in mason jar

    Carefully place the flocked penguin, snowman or deer figurine of your choice into the snow.

  • 5 Add doily tape Doily tape

    Take the mason jar rim and add a strip of doily lace tape for some holiday color. Red, blue and white are all festive colors for the season.

  • 6 Add solar panel Solar battery panel

    Open your package of mason jar solar lids. Open the battery compartment and discard the plastic piece, then place the solar panel in your mason jar rim and screw it onto your jar.

  • 7 Let panel charge Glowing luminary jar

    Allow the solar panel to charge in the sunlight for several hours.Then, enjoy your new luminary!