Lighted Burlap Christmas Garland

Lighted Burlap Christmas Garland

What You'll Need:

Burlap Deco Mesh
Lighted Pine Garland
Pine Picks with Cardinals

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make Lighted Burlap Mesh Garland

Your rustic holiday decor isn't complete without this Lighted Burlap Mesh Garland! With evergreen, lights, burlap and plenty of pinecones and bright cardinals, this garland looks perfect on a mantel, around a door frame or wound through the banister on a staircase.
  • 1 Fluff

    Fluff out garland.

  • 2 Twist pine & mesh

    Attach an end of mesh to an end of garland using pine to twist around the garland and holding the mesh in place.

  • 3 Create mesh loops

    Going down the length of the garland, create approximately 15" loops with the mesh.

  • 4 Add picks & pinecones

    Add in pine picks and pinecones, securing in place using the wired pine stems.