Mistletoe Elf DIY Holiday Wreath

Mistletoe elf DIY holiday wreath

What You'll Need:

9” Wood Hoop
2 Mini Ming Pine Garlands
16” Elf
Mistletoe Pick
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Mistletoe Elf DIY Holiday Wreath

This cute mistletoe elf is ready to spread some holiday love! Armed with mistletoe and perched on a garland wreath form, this adorable elf is ready to dole out some Christmas kisses.
  • 1 Wrap the wood hoop

    Wrap the wood hoop with the 2 lengths of pine garland. Secure the garland with hot glue as you wrap.

  • 2 Hot glue bells

    Hot glue bells to the elf’s shoes and bib.

  • 3 Trim pick

    Trim extra wire off of the mistletoe pick and tie a simple ribbon bow at the top of the pick. Hot glue the pick with ribbon to the elf’s hand.

  • 4 Glue the elf

    Position the elf in the hoop and hot glue it into place.

  • 5 Tie a ribbon hanger

    Tie a ribbon hanger to the top of the form and add bells along the hanger.