Ornament Ribbon Christmas Greeting Card

Ornament Ribbon Christmas Greeting Card

What You'll Need:

3/8" Satin Ribbon
1/2" Satin Ribbon
Stick-On Pearls
A6 Blank Cards with Envelopes
Ornament Die Cut
Embossing and Die Cutting Machine
Colored Cardstock
Tape Runner
Paper Trimmer

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make an Ornament Ribbon Christmas Greeting Card

Send your Christmas tidings in a truly unique way when you make an Ornament Ribbon Christmas Greeting Card for your friends or family. The woven satin ribbon detail complete with pearl accents are a classic was to add character to the front of the card, but what you write inside is completely up to you!
  • 1 Trim cardstock

    Trim the colored cardstock to fit the front of the blank card.

  • 2 Cut an ornament

    Position the die cut in the center of the card. Following the die cutting machine instructions, cut an ornament from the center of the cardstock.

  • 3 Cut ribbon

    Cut the 1/2" satin ribbon into 3" pieces.

  • 4 Basket weave ribbon

    Basket weave the ribbon pieces in the center of the blank card, and adhere the ribbon ends to the card.

  • 5 Adhere overlay

    Adhere the die cut colored cardstock over the blank card with woven ribbon. You will not be able to see the blank card once the overlay is applied.

  • 6 Tie a bow & embellish

    Tie a small bow with 3/8" ribbon and embellish the ornament with pearls.

  • 7 Add greeting

    Apply a greeting to the card with a sticker, stamp or handwritten or printed message. We created ours with our favorite font and used a paper punch to embellish the tag.