Ornament Tree

Ornament tree

What You'll Need:

Chicken Wire
18'' Stretcher Bars
24'' Stretcher Bars
Round Ornaments
10mm Jump Rings or Wire
Red Ribbon
White Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Staple Gun
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue


Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make an Ornament Tree

Craft this Ornament Tree project and make any room in your home shine during the holidays! Follow the steps by adding the chicken wire and attaching the ornaments to complete this simple project. Make some cute red bows to add a finishing touch before you put it on display in your home!
  • 1 Paint stretcher bars

    Paint the stretcher bars white and let dry. This may need 2 to 3 coats of paint.

  • 2 Fit stretcher bars & add chicken wire

    Fit the stretcher bars together. Unroll the chicken wire and staple to the backside of the stretcher bars. Trim off the excess chicken wire.

  • 3 Arrange ornaments on wire

    Using the photograph as a guide, arrange the ornaments onto the chicken wire.

  • 4 Attach ornaments

    Twist open the jump rings or wire and attach the ornament to the chicken wire.

  • 5 Make & glue bows

    Make small bows and hot glue them to the top of the ornaments.