Pearl Wreath DIY Christmas Card

Pearl Wreath DIY Christmas Card

What You'll Need:

Blank Card Set
Gold Spray Paint
Silver Spary Paint
Darice Sparkle Tape
Self Stick Pearls

Courtesy of Ursula from Home Made by Carmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Pearl Wreath DIY Christmas Card

A gourgeous but sophistocated card that celebrates the holiday isn't always easy to find, but with a few stick-on pearls and some glitter tape you can make your own! Remember, nothing says happy holidays like a pretty pearl wreath.
  • 1 Spray paint cards Spray paint cards

    Use gold, silver or a combination of both to spray paint blank cards. For extra embellishment, add a burst of glitter spray.

  • 2 Arrange pearls Arrange pearls

    Start by placing the 4 bigger pearls evenly at 4 points, then slowly fill in the opposite corners until you create a perfect circle. Fill in any blank spaces with smaller pearls.

  • 3 Embellish with glitter tape Embellish with glitter tape

    Use glitter tape to add interest to the edges, and to create a little ribbon for the top of your wreath.