Peppermint Candy Trees

Peppermint Candy Trees

What You'll Need:

8" Foam Sphere
5" Foam Cube
Christmas Themed Container or Bucket for Base
Peppermint Candies
Red Paint
1" Wide Dowel
Hot Glue
Wired Holiday Ribbon
Fake Snow

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make Peppermint Candy Trees

We can guarantee that these Peppermint Candy Trees are the sweetest Christmas decoration that you'll ever create! All you have to do to make yours is construct your topiary, and then hot glue candies to your foam sphere. Just make sure you haveplenty of peppermints, because you'll want to feed your sweet tooth as you work!
  • 1 Cut dowel

    Cut dowel length to the desired length.

  • 2 Paint dowel & sphere

    Paint the dowel white. Then paint your sphere red, or leave it white.

  • 3 Secure dowel to base

    Cut the foam cube to fit the holiday bucket or container base and secure it inside with hot glue. Insert the dowel into the foam cube and secure it in place with hot glue.

  • 4 Secure sphere

    Push the foam sphere onto the dowel rod and secure with hot glue.

  • 5 Hot glue candy to sphere

    Hot glue the candies onto the sphere, beginning around the rod and working your way around. Fill in any holes with broken candy pieces or smaller red candies.

  • 6 Spray with polyurethane

    Spray the candy covered sphere with polyurethane to keep the candies from getting sticky.

  • 7 Tie a ribbon

    Tie a ribbon around the base of the candy covered sphere.

  • 8 Add fake snow

    Arrange & secure fake snow to the foam base of the display.