Plastic Canvas Gift Decoration

Plastic Canvas Gift Decoration

What You'll Need:

Colored Plastic Canvas
Metallic Cording
Moon Lights
Tapestry Needle

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 45 Minutes

How to Make a Plastic Canvas Gift Decoration

This Plastic Canvas Gift Decoration is one present any crafter would love to receive! Make your packages in whatever plastic canvas color matches your decor, and experiment with different sized boxes. Just make sure you remember to slide a string of moon lights inside before you're finished.
  • 1 Cut plastic canvas sides

    Cut 6 squares of plastic 33 holes by 33 holes to create the sides.

  • 2 Cut plastic canvas bands

    Cut 6 rectangles 9 holes by 33 holes to be the bands.

  • 3 Cut center loop

    Cut 1 rectangle 9 holes by 79 holes to form the center loop.

  • 4 Cut base loop

    Cut 1 rectangle 9 holes by 91 holes to form the base loop.

  • 5 Stitch together

    Stitch all of the sides together, stitching the ribbon bands in place with the sides and edges.

  • 6 Stitch loop ends

    Fold the loop ends to the center of the loop and tack in place with a single stitch.

  • 7 Attach stacked loops

    Attach stacked loops to the top of the package with a single stitch.

  • 8 Cut a hole for lights

    Cut a 3 hole by 15 hole opening in the center of the box bottom. Turn on your moon lights and place inside.