Rustic Christmas Flower Arrangement

Rustic Christmas Flower Arrangement

What You'll Need:

Milk Bottles
Faux Birch Sticks
Pine Picks
Floral Pick
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Rustic Christmas Flower Arrangement

What do you get when you combine birch sticks, a bright Christmas flower and plenty of evergreen accents? This Christmas Floral Arrangement! This woodland arrangement looks perfect with both traditional and rustic holiday decor, and we know you'll want to display it all winter long.
  • 1 Cut birch

    Cut 3 pieces of faux birch, each 4" long.

  • 2 Tie birch pieces together

    Line the milk bottles up. Place an uncut piece of birch on either side of the bottles at the neck. Using the raffia, tie the cut birch lengths to the uncut pieces between the bottles as pictured.

  • 3 Place birch petals

    Place birch petals in each bottle.

  • 4 Place picks

    Place pine picks and floral pick in bottles.

  • 5 Glue ornament

    Glue the ornament in place on the branches.