Tree Side Gnome

Tree Side Gnome

What You'll Need:

Tomato Cage
4 Pieces of Felt
  -Kelly Green
  -Royal Blue
1 Ivory Felt Sheet- 9" x 12"
1 Craft Fur-White
1 Yard Fleece of Choice
20 oz. Bag of Poly-fil®
2 9" Pine Garlands


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: One Hour

How to Make a Tree Side Gnome

Create your own fun, whimsical Tree Side Gnome! This adorable gnome is over three feet tall and includes pine garland, a patterned hat, a button nose, red mittens and a long, flowy beard. Set the gnome by your Christmas tree for a great decoration all season long!
  • 1 Create the gnome's mittens

    Cut out mittens from the felt, glue the seams and stuff with Poly-fil®.

  • 2 Create the gnome's hat

    Cut out the hat and glue the seams. Stuff the upper portion with Poly-fil®. Cut a circle of the ivory felt and slip stitch it, using thread, around the circle. Pull it together and then stuff the hat with Poly-fil®.

  • 3 Attach the garland

    Attach the pine garland to the top ring of the tomato cage, measuring to the bottom. Then attach the garland to the buttom ring and cut off. Continue to do this unitl all of the garland is used and the body is full.

    Note: Twist the garland around the middle row of the cage, if needed.

  • 4 Wrap with Poly-filĀ®

    Once all of the pine is on the cage, wrap some Poly-fil® around the posts of the cage. Attach the hat.

  • 5 Create the gnome's beard

    Cut a beard from the fur and glue it on. Glue on the nose. Glue the hat to the body, covering just the top part of the nose.

  • 6 Attach the gnome's hands

    Glue the hands onto the gnome.