Western Snow Couple Christmas Ornaments

Western Snow Couple Christmas Ornaments

What You'll Need:

1 Block White FIMO Soft
1 Block Tangerine FIMO Soft
1 Block Cherry Red FIMO Soft
1 Block Black FIMO Soft
1 Block Sahara FIMO Soft
1 Block Chocolate FIMO Soft
2 Large Glass or Plastic Ornaments
Aluminum Foil
Small White Pom Poms
Star Cutter
White Acrylic Paint
Black Superfine Permanent Marker
White Paint Pen
Matte Spray Sealer

Courtesy of STAEDTLER North America
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 4 Hours

How to Make Western Snow Couple Christmas Ornaments

Saddle up for a Western holiday season when you make these Western Snow Couple Christmas Ornaments. This ornament set is the perfect gift for any couple, new or old, and they'll love this cute snow couple even more when they find out you made them by hand!
  • 1 Cover with foil Cover ornament with foil

    If you are using a glass ornament, skip Step 1 and bake the snowman directly onto the ornament. If not, cover the plastic ornament with foil and press down with fingers.

  • 2 Cover aluminum ball with clay Cover aluminum ball with white clay

    Create a ball with aluminum foil about the size of a golf ball. Flatten white clay to the thickest setting on the pasta machine. Create a 4" x 4" square. If you don't have a pasta machine, you can use the side of a flat glass. Place the ball in the center and begin folding the ends of the clay over.

  • 3 Smooth out clay ball Smooth out clay ball

    Continue encasing the aluminum ball inside the clay sheet. Trim off excess clay. Roll back and forth in your hands to smooth out seams and bumps until it is nice and round.

  • 4 Cut & wrap a strip of clay Cut and wrap a strip of clay

    Flatten white clay and cut a 1/2" strip. Wrap around the neck of the ornament. Trim excess clay with a craft knife and smooth seam.

  • 5 Press on head Press on head

    Press head to top of ornament.

  • 6 Make the cowgirl bandana Make the cowgirl bandana

    Mix 1 part red to 10 parts white to create a pink for the cowgirl. Flatten to a thin setting on the pasta machine and cut out a 5" square. Fold the clay diagonally and wrap around the neckline. Allow it to drape and form the bandana.

  • 7 Start shaping hat Start shaping hat

    Create a large marble size ball of pink clay. Flattern 1 edge. Pinch bottom with fingers. Press an indentation at the top with your thumb.

  • 8 Finish shaping hat Finish shaping hat

    Cut a 3" circle from a sheet of pink clay on the thickest setting. Place the top of the hat in the center and smooth seam. Place on top of head and shape into hat.

  • 9 Shape arms Shape arms

    Roll log approximately 2" long and 1/4" diameter. Add a small log to 1 side and smooth the seam for branch arm.

  • 10 Shape & attach nose Shape & attach nose

    Shape a small ball of tangerine clay into a cone and press onto face for a nose.

  • 11 Press in eyes Press in eyes

    Press in pre-baked black balls for eyes.

  • 12 Twist & arrange rope

    Roll a log of Sahara clay about 8" long. Twist and arrange on ornament for rope.

  • 13 Attach hanger

    Twist a length of wire together creating a loop. Press end of wire into top of hat for the hanger.

  • 14 Remove foil & bake

    Remove foil from ornament, leaving the snow girl in tact. Place on a jar and bake according to manufacturers instructions and allow to cool.

  • 15 Add the finishing touches Add the finishing touches

    After the clay is baked and cool, dry brush white paint to highlight and add blush for the cheeks. Draw "x"s for mouth using permanent black marker. Glue on rhinestones. Fill ornament with pom poms. Draw snowflakes on with paint pen. You can make it even more personal by adding a name to the outside between the snowflakes. Glue onto ornament and let dry completely.

  • 16 Repeat steps Finished snowman couple

    Repeat these steps for the cowboy snowman using chocolate clay for the hat and cherry red for the bandana.