Winter Wonderland Ornament

Winter Wonderland Ornament

What You'll Need:

100mm Clear Christmas Ornament
Pink Sisal Trees with Frost
6 oz. Bag Christmas Snow
Dowel Rod
Ribbon and Trim
Hot Glue
Small Saw
Scrap Paper

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 45 minutes

How to Make a Winter Wonderland Ornament

Enjoy a winter wonderland without the chill by giving this ornament a special place on your Christmas tree. Customize the snow blanketed scene to fit your decor!
  • 1 Cut dowel rod

    Cut the dowel rod into 1/2" pieces.

  • 2 Hot glue

    Hot glue the dowel rod pieces to the bottom of the smaller sisal trees, creating a base.

  • 3 Position tree Winter Wonderland Ornament

    Apply hot glue to the bottom of a large sisal tree and push it into the ball ornament. Tweezers are helpful for positioning the tree into place.

  • 4 Repeat

    Repeat with the smaller sisal trees.

  • 5 Add snow Winter Wonderland Ornament

    Create a funnel with a piece of scrap paper. Pour approximately 3/4 cup of snow into the ball. Use a dowel to help push the snow through the funnel.

  • 6 Embellish Winter Wonderland Ornament

    Place the cap on the ornament and decorate it with ribbon and trims.