Be-A-Bunny Hat

Be-A-Bunny Hat

What You'll Need:

Pastel Printed Cardstock of choice
White Felt or Stick-Back White Felt
2" White Pom-Poms
1" Pink Pink-Pom
Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop Dots
25mm Paste-On Eyes
Aleene's® Quick-Dry Tacky Glue
Glue Dots®
Bunny Ear Patterns

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Be-A-Bunny Hat

Easter is here and you too can be a bunny with this fun hat! Kids can create this hat and wear it all season long as they play or work on other crafting projects.
  • 1 Create heaband

    Cut 2" x 12" strips of cardstock. Glue two strips together end to end to make a longer strip. This strip will wrap around the child's head to form the headband part of the hat.

  • 2 Cut to size

    Cut this cardstock strip to the appropriate length to fit around the child's head, adding an extra inch to stick on the self-adhestive dots to line up at both ends for an adjustable headband.

  • 3 Create bunny's ears

    Use the bunny ear patterns to draw and cut out two ears from the same printed cardstock.

  • 4 Create bunny's inner ears

    Use the inner ear patern to pin onto felt and cut out two felt inner ear shapes to stick onto the center of the cardstock ears.

  • 5 Create bunny's face

    Next, glue the two white pom-poms together at the front center of the cardstock headband. Glue using the Hook and Loop Dot seam at the center of the back of the headband.

  • 6 Add bunny's nose and eyes

    Glue the pink "nose" pom-pom onto the headband at the center of the white pom and glue the eyes to either side using Glue Dots®.