Bunny Bottom

Bunny Bottom

What You'll Need:

Bunny Ears and Bottom Set
Ribbon of Choice
Container of Choice
Flowers of Choice
Floral Foam
Chenille Stem
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to make a Bunny Bottom

Fill your space with pastels and Spring time by making yourself a Bunny Bottom! Not only is a Bunny Bottom absolutely adorable, it is the perfect decorating for Easter time. 
  • 1 Cut and place foam

    Cut the floral foam to fit in the container and glue in place. 

  • 2 Cover foam

    Cover the foam with moss. 

  • 3 Glue bunny

    Referring to the photo, glue the bunny bottom and ears in the foam. 

  • 4 Cut and place stems

    Using the wire cutters, cut the stems on the chosen flowers to approximately 3". Glue into the foam and moss, filling in around the bunny parts. 

  • 5 Add ribbon

    Cut approximately 20" of ribbon. Lay on a flat surface. Bring the left end over to the right and the right over to the left crossing in the center. Adjust the crossover so there are two 3" loops. Gather the ribbon in the middle and secure using a chenile stem. Adjust the tails down and the loops open. Trin the tails if needed and glue stem into foam and moss to secure.