Funny Bunny Gnome

Bunny Gnomes

What You'll Need:

4" Paper Mache Cones
White Craft Fur
Lavender Soft Felt
Turquoise Soft Felt
Fuschia Soft Felt
Baby Pink Soft Felt
Ribbon of choice
1/2" Wood Beads
White Tacky Glue
Fabric Pins
Paper Patterns for body and bunny hat


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes + Dry Time

How to Make Funny Bunny Gnomes

Get ready for Easter with your own whimsical Funny Bunny Gnomes! These adorably colorful bunnies are created out of pastel felt and include floppy ears, a long, winding beard, a bubbly nose and festive bow. Decorate for the upcoming holiday with mythical Bunny Gnomes!
  • 1 Cutout bunnies using template

    Pin body and bunny hate patterns to felt using the template and then cut them out. Use light pink felt to cut 2 inner ear shapes.

  • 2 Cutout beard using template

    Pin beard pattern onto the backside of the white fur with the tip of the beard pointing downwards towards the "hairy" bottom edge of the fur. Make sure to only cut through the fabric backing on the fur. *Do not* cut through the fur itself with the scissors!

  • 3 Create gnome's body

    Glue the body felt piece to the paper mache cone, wrap it, and glue buttom edge of felt up inside of the cones open bottom edge.

  • 4 Add beard to gnome

    Glue beard onto the front of the cone. Make sure the fur on the beard is going in a downward direction.

  • 5 Add bunny's ears and hat

    Glue light pink inner ear shapes onto ears. Glue together the back center edges of the felt bunny hat. When dry, turn up bottom edge of the hat and place on top of the gnomes head.

  • 6 Add the bunny's nose

    Glue a wood bead nose at the center of the top edge on the fur beard.

  • 7 Add a bow

    Tie a small ribbon bow, tie the ends and glue onto the center of the hat at the base of the ears.