Fluffy Bunny

Fluffy Bunny

What You'll Need:

Paper Mache Egg
White Boa
White Felt
Pink Felt
12mm Black Eyes
3/4" Pink Pom
2 White Chenille Stems
Pearl Floral Pin
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters

Courtesy of Darice®
Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Fluffy Bunny

Looking for the perfect addition to fluff up your kids' Easter baskets this year? Try our Fluffy Bunny project! It's easy and affordable and a great way to add a little fun and fuzz to an Easter basket!
  • 1 Attach boa to egg

    Glue boa to the paper mache egg, starting at the top and winding around the egg. Leave the bottom of egg uncovered and trim off excess. 

  • 2 Add eyes & nose

    Cut the shank off the eyes with wire cutters. Glue eyes to the covered egg. Glue pink pom on for the nose. 

  • 3 Begin crafting ears

    Cut 4 bunny ears out of white felt; 2" wide at the bottom, 3.5" wide at the top, and 6" long. Bend a chenille stem in half, leaving a 2" loop at the center. Lay the stem on one of the white felt ears. Glue along the edge of the ear and lay another felt ear on top of it. Press firmly in place and repeat with other ear. 

  • 4 Add last touches to ears

    Cut out 2 small bunny ear shapes from the pink felt. Glue one onto each ear. Overlap ears at the base and glue to the top of the head. Push a pearl floral pin into the felt where the ears overlap down into the paper mache egg to secure. Cut a section of ribbon, tie into a bow and glue to the base of one ear. Bend the ears as desired.