Fluffy Tail Bunny Painting

Fluffy Tail Bunny Painting

What You'll Need:

8x10 Canvas
Bunny Die Cut
Cricut® Cuttlebug Embossing Machine
Oracal® Vinyl-sheet of any color
Tempera Paint-choose 3 colors
1" poms-choice of color
Glue Dots®
Disposable Plate
Paper Towels


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Fluffy Tail Bunny Painting

Kids of all ages can get ready to celebrate for Easter with this adorable painting! Paint pastel springtime colors on a canvas and then add festive bunnies with their own fluffy tails.
  • 1 Die cut bunnies

    Die cut several bunnies from the Oracal® sheet.

  • 2 Add bunnies to canvas

    Peel and attach bunnies onto the canvas as desired.

  • 3 Prepare paint

    Squeeze a bit of the 3 paint colors onto the disposable plate.

  • 4 Paint the canvas

    Paint the canvas as desired.

  • 5 Blot canvas

    Scrunch up a paper towel and randomly blot the entire canvas.

  • 6 Indent bunnies onto canvas

    Take another section of paper towel that is large enough to cover the canvas and lay the paper towel on top of it. Rub your hand across the surface and then lift off the towel. Let dry a few minutes and then remove the die cut bunnies.

  • 7 Add tails to bunnies

    Choose a pom tail for the bunnies and attach with a Glue Dot®.