Framed Chalkboard Key Holder

Framed Chalkboard Key Holder

What You'll Need: 

MDF Frame
Mini Laser Cut Houses
Mini Laser Birds
Mini Laser Butterflies
Green Fern Washi Tape
Chalkboard Paper
1/2" Cup Hooks
Light Blue Paint
White Paint
Yellow Paint
Green Paint
Orange Paint
Pink Paint
Triple Thick 
Small Sponge Dabbers
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Frame Chalkboard Key Holder

Don't bother wasting your time searching for keys when you have this DIY Framed Chalkboard Key Holder! This project will save you time, money and will also add a nice springtime touch to your mudroom or kitchen!
  • 1 Paint frame

    Paint frame light blue; while still wet add white paint at the top and blend down onto sides of frame opening. Allow to dry. 

  • 2 Dab frame & paint decorations

    Dip a small sponge dabber into white paint and dab onto frame to create clouds. Paint your mini laser cut houses, butterfly and birds. Allow these to dry and then coat each with Triple Thick and allow to dry completely. 

  • 3 Add washi tape & cup hooks

    Layer 3 strips of washi tape across the bottom of the frame. Mark 1 1/4" from each side and 1 1/4" from those marks. Use an awl to mark holes and screw in cup hooks.