Mini Bunny Pillow

Fabric Bunny

What You'll Need:

Easter Fabrics of your choice
Craft Ribbons of your choice
Poly-Fil® Stuffing
Aleene's® Quick-Dry Tacky Glue
Easter Bunny Paper Pattern


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes + Dry Time

How to Make a Mini Bunny Pillow

Easter is on its way! Hop to it and create a Mini Bunny Pillow. Pick out a favorite seasonal fabric and then create your very own fluffy buddy. Don't forget to accessorize the bunny with a snazzy ribbon bowtie! This craft is easy to make and will make for an adorable addition to a child's room or Easter display.
  • 1 Layout fabric

    Lay two pieces of 5" x 9" Easter fabric back-to-back with the backside of the print laying down.

  • 2 Cutout bunny

    Pin bunny pattern onto the two layers of fabric and cutout.

  • 3 Form bunny shape

    Remove pins and paper pattern. Leave the bottom half of the fabric bunnies together and separate only the top half of them by folding down the top layer to center.

  • 4 Create the bunny (top half)

    Use the Aleene's® Quick-Dry Tacky Glue to apply a glue line all around the edge of the upper half of the back layer. Carefully align and attach the top layer of fabric back into place on top of the bottom layer. Tamp all around the glued edges with your finger to make a good seal.

  • 5 Create the bunny (bottom half)

    Repeat this process with the bottom half of the bunny, but make sure to leave a 2" opening unglued between the bunny's feet for the Poly-fil® stuffing.

  • 6 Add Poly-FilĀ® to bunny

    Afte the glue is dry stuff the bunny with Poly-Fil® and glue the 2" opening closed.

  • 7 Add ribbon to bunny

    Add a pretty ribbon bow around the bunny's neck to finish.