Paper Shred Easter Wreath

Colored paper shred wreaths with eggs

What You'll Need:

12" Wire Wreath Form
Wrapping Shred
Paper Mache Eggs
Floral Wire
Spray Adhesive
Pastel Acrylic Paints
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue
Unfinished Wood Beads

Courtesy of Ana at Babble Dabble Do
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Paper Shred Easter Wreath

Paper shred isn't just for wrapping presents, you can use it to make a perfect Easter wreath, in any color! With all of its fluffy, vibrant shredded paper, this wreath is sure to remind you of an Easter basket filled with eggs and treats.
  • 1 Paint beads & eggs Painting paper mache eggs

    Paint your wood beads and paper mache eggs. Let dry completely. Repeat with additional coats as necessary. Sprinkle glitter onto wet paint if desired.

  • 2 Thread strips of floral wire Floral wire threaded through wreath

    Cut 10 strips of floral wire, each 5" long. With the wreath facing up, and at regular intervals, thread the strips of floral wire under the 2 center wires of the wreath and twist to secure.

  • 3 Create a paper shred base Paper shred wreath with floral wire

    Take a handful of paper shred, place it on top of a floral wire section and twist the wire around the paper shred. Repeat this step to secure a base layer of paper shred to the entire wreath.

  • 4 Spray with adhesive Spray adhesive and paper shred

    In a well-ventilated area or outside, spray the paper shred wreath with spray adhesive. Press handfuls of additional paper shred onto wreath.

  • 5 Shake off & repeat

    Shake off excess paper shred. Spray wreath with adhesive again and press remaining paper shred onto wreath.

  • 6 Wrap with floral wire Paper shred wreath with floral wire

    Starting with the loose end of the floral wire, wrap the entire wreath with a strip of floral wire, with 3" in between. Trim wire and secure the end to the back of the wreath.

  • 7 Glue paper mache eggs Paper shred wreath with eggs

    With a hot glue gun, glue 2 paper mache eggs onto wreath. Glue directly to paper shred. Be generous but discreet with the glue. if desired, glue on decorative wood beads in between and around the eggs.

  • 8 Add hanging loop Paper shred wreath with eggs

    Cut an 18" length of ribbon and tie it around the top of the wreath for hanging.