Peekaboo Bunny Tail Wreath

Peekaboo Bunny Tail Wreath

What You'll Need:

Grapevine Peekaboo Wreath
Floral Moss
Wire Stemmed Flowers & Foliage
Craft Fur
Stiff Felt Paper
Pom Poms
Paper Butterflies
Over-the-Door Wreath Hook
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Ursula from Homemade by Carmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 10 Minutes

How to Make a Peekaboo Bunny Tail Wreath

Spring is in the air, Easter is just around the corner, and this project celebrates both! As the flowers begin to bloom and new life appears everywhere, create an ode to nature with an adorable Peekaboo Bunny Tail Wreath. This fun new take on a wreath is sure to delight guests who step through your front door.
  • 1 Create a soft bunny bed Create a soft bunny bed

    First make a soft bed for your bunny by placing a layer of moss inside of your peekaboo grapevine wreath.

  • 2 Decorate the peekaboo wreath Decorate the peekaboo wreath

    Use your choice of wire stemmed florals to weave up the side of the wreath. Use the existing wire loops on the peekaboo wreath to insert and secure your flowers and foliage.

  • 3 Lay decorations inside Lay decorations inside

    Lay a few extra flowers on the inside of your wreath for your bunny to munch on and lounge in.

  • 4 Hot glue embellishments Hot glue embellishments

    Hot glue ferns, berries or even a butterfly, bird's nest, bird or fake bees to the outside of the wreath.

  • 5 Cut & wrap fake fur Cut & wrap fake fur

    Cut one long strip of faux fur and wrap it in a circle. Determine the width by how wide you want your bunny, and the length should be twice the length you desire your bunny to be.

  • 6 Staple fur in place Staple fur in place

    While holding the fur in a circle, staple it on either side to hold it in place. It will look like a stapled circle from the side, but once laid down it becomes the body of your bunny.

  • 7 Attach ears & tail Attach ears & tail

    Peel and stick the stiff felt to the back of the remaining piece of fur, then cut out 2 bunny ears. Staple the ears onto the boys, making sure the fur side is pointing toward the back where the bunny tail has been glued on. This is the side you will see from the outside of the wreath.

  • 8 Place your bunny in its home Place your bunny in its home

    Lay the bunny inside its new home, and hang on your front door! Use an over-the-door wreath hook or place the bunny wreath on a tabletop as a centerpiece, vignette or porch decor. After Easter, continue to enjoy your wreath by replacing the bunny with a flameless candle.