Spring Candlestick Birdhouses

Spring Candlestick Birdhouses

What You'll Need: 

6 3/4" Candlestick 
9" Candlestick
Assorted 4" Birdhouses 
Floral Twig Garland 
White Acrylic Paint
Pink Acrylic Paint
Yellow Acrylic Paint
Lime Green Acrylic Paint
Burlap Ribbon 
Baker's Twine 
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue 

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Spring Candlestick Birdhouses

Looking for the perfect DIY decor project to spruce up your home this spring? Try these Spring Candlestick Birdhouses! Display them on your mantel or favorite bookcase and everyone who enters your home is sure to flock right to them! 
  • 1 Paint candlesticks

    Paint candlesticks white and set aside to dry. 

  • 2 Paint birdhouses

    Paint one birdhouse pink and green and the other yellow and green; allow to dry. 

  • 3 Paint accents

    Paint several areas of the candlesticks pink and yellow as accents. Let dry. 

  • 4 Attach birdhouses to candlesticks

    Glue birdhouses onto the candlesticks. 

  • 5 Wrap garland & embellish

    Cut garland in half. Wrap each strand around the top portion of the candlesticks and birdhouses. Glue ends to hold in place. Embellish candlesticks with burlap and buttons.