Eyeball Cloche

Eyeball Cloche

What You'll Need:

4" Clay Pot
Clear Ball Ornament
Spider Webbing
Pumpkin Spice Felt
1 1/4" Wooden Head Bead
Human Look Wiggle Eyes
Mini Black Garland
Acrylic Paint:
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make an Eyeball Cloche

It's watching you...Paint, create the spine-chilling eye and set inside of a decorative cloche. This eerie eye is easy to create and you'll be ready to spook your guests just in time for Halloween!
  • 1 Paint the pot

    Turn the pot bottom side up and paint the outside of it black. Let it dry.

  • 2 Paint the head bead

    Paint the entire head bead white and let it dry. Apply a second coat of paint. Let it dry.

  • 3 Cut & glue circles

    Cut two 1 1/2" circles from the felt. Glue one of the circles to the flat side of the head bead. Glue an eye to the center of the felt circle.

  • 4 Continue

    Cut the other felt circle in half. Glue one half to the felt above the eye. Cut a thin crescent from the top of the other felt half and set aside. Glue the bottom portion under the eye, slightly overlapping the eye. Glue the thin crescent over the top portion of the eye for the eyelid. Add some hot glue along the bottom lid and on either side of the wiggle eye.

  • 5 Attach garland to the pot

    Glue the mini pom garland around the bottom edge of the pot.

  • 6 Create the crystal ball

    Open the ball ornament, position it stem down and insert some webbing. Add a pea size amount of hot glue to hold the webbing in place. Position and glue the eye onto the webbing. Snap the ornament together. Add glue around the hole in the pot and insert the stem of the ornament into the hole.

  • 7 Place crystal ball & display

    Place the crystal ball on the base of the cloche. Arrange webbing around the base and replace the glass covering.