Fall Fabric Hoop

Fall Fabric Hoop

What You'll Need:

7" Wood Embroidery Hoop
9" x 9" Fabric Square
  -Harvest Bounty Orange
Felt Leaf Wreath Kit
3/8" Craft Ribbon
  -Yellow or Color of Choice
Button Bonanza Harvest Buttons
Glue Dots®


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 15 Minutes

How to Make a Fall Fabric Hoop

It's time to get ready for fall! Decorate a hoop with felt leaves, harvest buttons and festive fabric. Once complete, you can hang the Fall Fabric Hoop on any door or wall all season long!
  • 1 Disassemble the hoop

    Loosen the screw on the outer wood hoop and separate the inner hoop from the outer hoop.

  • 2 Add the fabric

    Lay the piece of fabric over the smaller inner hoop and then press the outer and inner hoop over the fabric. This will capture the fabric between the two wooden hoops.

  • 3 Secure the fabric

    Tighten the hoop screw to keep the fabric in place.

  • 4 Trim the fabric

    Use scissors to trim off the extra fabric on the back side of the hoops.

  • 5 Add the leaves

    Use the Glue Dots® to stick a colorful assortment of leaves onto the fabric.

  • 6 Add the buttons

    Use the Glue Dots® to stick 6-7 buttons to the fabric.

  • 7 Add the ribbon

    Tie a ribbon loop to hang the Hoop and a bow at the top right onto the central area of the hoop screw.