Fall Shadowbox

Fall Shadowbox

What You'll Need:

Vintage Banners
Candle Ring Wreaths
Wooden Letters
Decorative Clothes Pins
Faux Fall Leaves
Mini Chalk Board
Any Other Decorative Fall Elements
Gold Spray Paint
Painter's Tape

Courtesy of Ursula from Home Made by Carmona
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Fall Shadowbox

Looking for an easy and inexpensive alternative to traditional fall decorating? A shadowbox shows you know how to celebrate the season, is easily customizable and you can enjoy it from season to season without spending dropping a ton on decorations.
  • 1 Assemble decorative items Assemble decorative items

    Assemble your decorative items inside the frame to create a design that is uniquely yours.

  • 2 Paint pins with spray paint Paint pins with spray paint

    If desired, customize your decorative items with metallic gold spray paint for a little extra glimmer. Spray paint the pins used to hold decorative items in place by poking them through an index card and spraying. Remember, even the smallest detail can make a big impression in the final product.

  • 3 Spray paint designs on flags Spray paint designs on flags

    Use painter's tape to create a design on your linen and burlap flags.

  • 4 Spray paint leaves Spray paint leaves

    Finally, spray paint the faux leaves so they blend with the entire motif. Spray from the top middle portion of the leaves and allow a bit of fall color to show around the outside edges for a lovely effect.

  • 5 Update your shadowbox Update your shadowbox

    Create just 1 design, or pin up a new on each week. When fall is over, change out the fall themed items and swap them for a little winter wonder.