Fraidy Bat Pumpkins

Fraidy Bat Pumpkins

What You'll Need:

Paper Mache Pumpkin
3 Wooden Pumpkin Cut-Outs
Assorted Wiggle Eyes
Black Glitter Paper
1 1/2" Wooden Circles
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paint:
  -Sweet Potato
  -Metallic Silver
X-Acto® Knife
Bat Template
Hot Glue
Tombow® Glue or Tape Runner

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours (Not Including Drying Time)

How to Make Fraidy Bat Pumpkins

They may be spooked but there's nothing to be afraid about while creating your own Fraidy Bat Pumpkins décor! Grab a paper mache pumpkin, cut-outs, paint and more to create this not so terrifying Halloween scene!
  • 1 Paint the paper mache pumpkin

    Paint a basecot of cream onto the paper mache pumpkin and let it dry.

  • 2 Paint the wooden pumpkins

    Paint the three wooden pumpkins orange, thinning the paint with water to lighten one pumpkin. Dry brush red over the top portion of one pumpkin and the bottom portion of the others.

  • 3 Add a second coat to the paper mache pumpkin

    Use a dry brush technique to paint metallic silver over the paper mache pumpkin.

  • 4 Create the bats

    Trace and cut out the bats from the glitter paper.

  • 5 Create the pumpkins

    Glue assorted wiggle eyes onto the wooden pumpkins. Cut out heart shapes for the noses and glue in place. Stack and glue four of the wooden circles together and glue to the back of a pumpkin. Stack and glue two circles to the back of another pumpkin.

  • 6 Arrange the bats & wooden pumpkins

    Using the photo as a guide, arrange the bats and wooden pumpkins onto the paper mache pumpkin and glue in place.