Luminara Fall Flowers Lantern

Luminara Fall Flowers Lantern

What You'll Need:

Luminara Candle
3 yds Fall Ribbon
2-3 Decorative Picks or Flowers
Glue Dots
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 30 Minutes

How to Make a Luminara Fall Flowers Lantern

Decorate for autumn by winding your favorite fall florals around a rustic lantern! Complete the look with the soft glow of a Luminara real flame-effect candle. The candle's flickering flame might fool your friends, but you can rest assured the artificial candle surrounded by flowered accents is completely safe.
  • 1 Clean glass

    Clean lantern glass and insert Luminara candle.

  • 2 Create bow

    Create a bow approximately 6" to 8" across with 2 loops per side. The remainder of the ribbon should become a streamer down to the base of the lantern. At that point, add another loop to accent the base.Tie off both sets of loops with either chenille stems or wire.

  • 3 Tie floral pick

    Using your favorite fall floral pick, bend the end of the pick back toward the head to create a loop. Tightly tie the first ribbon loop set to the front of the pick.

  • 4 Drape streamer & secure

    Drape the streamer down to the bottom of the lantern secure it with another pick or pumpkin tie, or glue it to the second loop set.

  • 5 Secure second grouping

    Using a couple of Glue Dots, secure the second grouping to the base of the lantern. If you have any extra ribbon, wrap it around the candle as a band and secure it with Glue Dots.

  • 6 Glue in embellishments

    Go back to the loop sets and glue in any additional decorative items including leaves, berries and other fall embellishments.