Mesh Pumpkin

mesh pumpkin

What You'll Need:

16" Wreath Form
21" Orange Mesh 10 yds.
Dark Green Mesh 4 yds.
Burlap 2 yds.
Chenille Stems
Fall Floral Piece 

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 40 Minutes

How to Make a Mesh Pumpkin

Adorn your front door with the perfect wreath! Twirl, twist and twine your mesh around a wreath form, add a burlap bow and a floral piece to top it off.
  • 1 Gather mesh

    Gather the 21" mesh and tie it to the top of the wreath form with a chenille stem. 

  • 2 Bring mesh down

    Bring the mesh down, puffing it out, and tie it to a chenille stem on the bottom. 

  • 3 Repeat process

    Repeat the process back and forth, attaching mesh to the wreath form with chenille stems. Trim any excess orange mesh. 

  • 4 Add green mesh

    Roll the green mesh into a tube. Trim the tube to 12" and tie it to the wreath form, as shown in the photo. 

  • 5 Repeat green mesh

    Repeat the above step to create a second tube. Fluff any additional green mesh to create a fuller look around the stem. 

  • 6 Make burlap bow

    Create a burlap bow.

  • 7 Add floral

    Attach a fall floral piece. 

  • 8 Add chenille stem

    Attach a chenille stem loop for hanging.