Pumpkin Ruler Art

Pumpkin Ruler Art

What You'll Need:

12 to 15 Wooden Rulers
Americana Orange Acrylic Paint in a Variety of Shades
White Paint
Green Paint
Americana Chalk Paint in Vintage
Americana Chalk Paint in Yesteryear
Painter's Tape or Washi Tape
12" x 12" Wood Board
Foam Paint Brushes
Box Cutter, Saw or Knife to Cut Rulers
Hot Glue
Burlap Ribbon
Orange Ribbon

Courtesy of Abbey from The Cards We Drew
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Approximate Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make Pumpkin Ruler Art

Get ready for fall by making this pumpkin ruler wall art! Customize the background board with colors to match your home, and display it all the way through Thanksgiving.
  • 1 Paint the board Paint the board

    Paint the wooden board with Americana Chalk Paint in Vintage Blue. Apply paint on top and on all sides. Let dry completely.

  • 2 Tape off stripes Tape off stripes

    Once the paint is dry, use painter's tape or washi tape to make lines on the board. Paint stripes with Americana Chalk Paint in Yesteryear. Let dry completely, then remove the tape to reveal the stripes.

  • 3 Paint the rulers Paint the rulers

    While the board is drying, begin painting the rulers. Use a wide array of shades of orange for variety in the rulers. You can even mix the shades to create new hues.

  • 4 Choose a pumpkin image Choose a pumpkin image

    Choose a silhouette of a pumpkin on a computer or the Internet and print it out on paper. 11" x 7" works best, but 8" x 10" works too. Try searching Google Images for pumpkin images and you will find a wide variety of options.

    Cut out your pumpkin printout and arrange the layout of printed rulers. You can choose to alternate lengths of the pieces you cut to give the project more dimension. Cut out your pumpkin printout and trace the pumpkin onto the rulers.

  • 5 Cut rulers Cut rulers

    Use a saw or knife to cut the rulers to the desired lengths. Cut each ruler one at a time or label them so you know what piece of the pumpkin art they make up. Add a small piece of ruler to the top for the pumpkin stem and paint it green.

  • 6 Whitewash rulers Whitewash rulers

    Once the orange and green paint has dried, mix a little bit of white paint with water and brush over the rulers, then wipe it off with a paper towel. This will create a whitewashed effect on the rulers to antique them a bit.

  • 7 Glue rulers to wood board Glue rulers to wood board

    Once all of the pieces are cut, hot glue them onto the painted wooden board and let it dry.

  • 8 Add a bow Add a bow

    Add ribbon to the back of the board with hot glue and adorn it with a bow.