Scarecrow Canvas

Scarecrow Canvas

What You'll Need:

10"x10" Burlap Canvas
Felt Sheets: Orange, Dark Red
Black Chenille Stems
Red Bandana
Black Floss
40mm Wiggle Eyes
Red Paint
Embroidery Needle
Sponge Daubers
Quick Dry Tacky Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Scarecrow Canvas

There is nothing scary about this smiley Scarecrow Canvas! With a touch of skill and few embellishments you'll have the perfect decoration for the season in no time. 
  • 1 Cut triangles

    Cut two orange felt triangles for the eyes and a dark red felt triangle for the nose. 

  • 2 Paint cheeks

    Use a dauber to apply a small amount of watered down red paint onto the canvas for the cheeks. 

  • 3 Glue triangles & eyes

    Referring to the photo, arrange the triangles onto the canvas and glue into place. Glue on the wiggle eyes. 

  • 4 Make the mouth

    Bend and glue a chenille stem onto the canvas for the mouth. Cut two 1" sections of a chenille stem, bend and glue them to each end of the mouth. 

  • 5 Embed black floss

    Thread an embroidery needle with the black floss. Referring to the photo, start by coming up from the back of the canvas and stitch X's along the edges of the felt and chenille. 

  • 6 Add a bandana bow

    Cut a section of a bandana and tie it into a bow. Trim as needed and glue the bow onto the bottom felt of the canvas.