Sunflower Mesh Wreath

Sunflower Mesh Wreath

What You'll Need:

10" Wire Wreath
Chenille Stems

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes

How to Make A Sunflower Mesh Wreath

Decorate for fall with a festive Sunflower Mesh Wreath! Adorn your wreath with bright yellow and green mesh and then add burlap to complete the blossom's head. This craft is easy to make and you'll have the perfect decoration for any door or wall as you celebrate the season!
  • 1 Cut the green & yellow mesh

    Cut the green mesh into 8 squares at 10.5" each. Cut the yellow mesh into 24 sqaures at 10.5" each.

  • 2 Create bundles & attach to the wreath

    With a yellow square lying on the table, gather one corner to the opposite corner of that square and immediately repeat gathering two squares together. Attachseven bundles of squares onto the wire wreath at the second in from the outside wire, spacing them around the wreath.

  • 3 Continue bundling

    Attach the remaining yellow bundles to the second from the inside wire on the wreath.

  • 4 Create the sunflower's leaves

    Make green leaves using just one square in the same manner as the yellow squares and attach around the outer most wire, spacing around the wreath.

  • 5 Attach the sunflower's burlap

    Attach burlap to the inside of the wreath using a chenille stem and zigzag back and forth attaching with chenille stems, filling in the center.