Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

What You'll Need:

Christmas Garland Pine (1)
Fall Pumpkin Gourd (2)
Fall Pumpkin Yellow Pumpkin (2)
Fall Bush Dahlia Mix (1)
Fall Bush Eucalyptus Sage (1)
Fall Bush Magolia (1)
Fall Plaid Ribbon (1)
Flameless Candle Set
Dried Cinnamon Pinecones (1)

Courtesy of EnWreathed
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

How to Make a Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Decorate the Thanksgiving table with this beautiful centerpiece, courtesy of EnWreathed! Use fall floral, pumpkins, colorful ribbon, candles and more to create this great seasonal accent that all of your guests will love.
  • 1 Protect work area

    Protect working area. Flowers may shed and hot glue may drip.

  • 2 Cut flowers & leaves

    Using wire cutters, cut the middle stems of flowers and the leaves from the bushes.

  • 3 Unwind the greenery

    Unwind the greenery garland and straighten out the branches.

  • 4 Add flower stems to the garland

    Start adding the flower stems to the garland using wire to tie and secure. The garland can be gathered together to form a rope so it does not show in the completed design.

  • 5 Continue alternating the flowers

    Continue alternating the flowers to the garland. Try not to add the same flower or color together. Cut excess wire from the back.

  • 6 Add the pine cones

    To add the pine cones, cut longer pieces of wire. Wrap the wire around the base and in between cones and twist the wire close to the cone. Tie the excess wire to the garland and cut the extra wire not used.

  • 7 Complete the garland

    The finished garland should look similar to the following. Cut off excess garland not used.

  • 8 Add ribbon

    Add ribbon by pinching the center and wrapping the wire around and attach it to the gathered garland. Leave approximately 12 inches of ribbon to extend from the ends of garland. This creates length and the tails can be curled which adds to the beauty.

  • 9 Loop the ribbon

    Ribbon should be placed on the garland to create loops between the flowers. Tuck between the pine cones and flowers. Cut excess wire from the back.

  • 10 Complete the ribbon

    Ribbon should look like the below picture.

  • 11 Place on the table & accessorize

    Carefully straighten out the design on the table and add candles and pumpkin accents.