You & Me Owl Love You Canvas

You & Me Owl Love You Canvas

What You'll Need:

Acrylic Paint
#2 Pencil
Sharpie® Marker
Paper Towels


Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make your own You & Me Owl Love You Canvas

 Kids and adults can paint their own owl family, together! Adults can paint a fatherly owl on one canvas while kids can paint a loving baby owl on another. This adorable project is a great chance to paint and bond together-we're sure that it'll be a hoot!

  • 1 Prepare template

    Rub the back of the owl template with the #2 pencil.

  • 2 Trace template

    With the pencil side down on the canvas, trace the owl template.

  • 3 Darken the owl

    Darken your transfer by going over the lines with the #2 pencil.

  • 4 Paint the canvas

    Choose 2 colors of your choice. Apply 6-8 dime sized dots of paint randomly over the canvas. Using a bunched up paper towel, blend the 2 colors by dabbing them on the canvas, covering the entire area with the paint. Don't play with the paint too much as the colors will turn muddy.

  • 5 Paint the tree branch, owl & hearts

    Referring to the photo, paint the tree branch, owl and hearts.

  • 6 Outline the tree branch, owl & hearts

    Using the Sharpie® Marker, do a final outline of the tree branch, owl and hearts.

  • 7 Add names

    Personalize the canvas with name(s) if desired.