Superhero Disguise Card

Superhero Disguise Card

What You'll Need:

8.5" x 11" Cardstock of Choice
8.5" x 11" Glitter Cardstock
8.5" x 11" Pattern of Choice
Sharpie® Marker


Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make a Superhero Disguise Card

All superheroes need to protect their identity and this card is no exception. You can make a card for the everyday hero in your life-dad! Use cardstock and buttons to create the shirt and tie disguise and then write a super message for Father's Day inside.
  • 1 Fold the cardstock

    Fold the cardstock in, overlapping in the center of the sheet with about a 1/2" of space.

  • 2 Create the collar

    Fold over the top of the card to make the collar. Do not crease. Leave the collar curled and glue the tips of the collar down to the card.

  • 3 Cut the cardstock

    Cut and glue a different sheet of cardstock inside the card.

  • 4 Trace and cutout shapes

    Trace and cutout the tie and a letter "D" from the patterned cardstock and the star from a cardstock sheet of choice.

  • 5 Attach the shapes to the card

    Using the photo as a guide, glue the shapes onto the card. Press firmly to dry.

  • 6 Attach the buttons

    Glue the buttons onto the tips of the collar. Press firmly into place.

  • 7 Write message

    Use a black Sharpie® to complete the word "Dad" inside of the card. Write a super message inside of the card.