Glitter Corrugated Bat

Glitter Corrugated Bat

What You'll Need:

Wood Bat
Corrugated Wood Panel
Black Acrylic Paint
Purple Acrylic Paint
2 Skeins of Purple Embroidery Floss
2 Skeins of Black Embroidery Floss
Mod Podge®
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour Not Including Dry Time

How to Make a Glitter Corrugated Bat

Spook up your home with this trendy corrugate craft! The Glitter Corrugated Bat is the perfect combination of sparkly and spooky, plus it's simple to make. You'll have your home Halloween ready in no time once you make this project!
  • 1 Paint bat

    Paint the bat black and let dry.

  • 2 Paint edge

    Paint the raised edge of the bat purple and let dry.

  • 3 Mod Podge®

    Mod Podge® the inner area of the bat and add black glitter. Let dry.

  • 4 Wrap sections

    Wrap the corrugated panel sections with purple and black embroidery floss in between the channels. Tie the ends on the backside of the panel.

  • 5 Hot glue

    Hot glue the bat to the center of the panel.