Halloween Block Friends

Halloween Block Friends

What You'll Need:

5 Piece Wood Block Assortment
1/2'' Wood Buttons
Black Glitter Foamie® Bats
Fine Point Sharpie® Marker
Acrylic Paint: White, Black, Orange, Green, Yellow
Black and Pink Pigment Inkpad
Glitter Glue
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue


Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 2 Hours

How to Make Halloween Block Friends

Halloween Block Friends are the perfect centerpiece for your Halloween-themed dinner party, or for the entire month of October! You can even customize them to be as jolly or as spooky as you please. These little guys will make a great decoration for your table or shelf.

  • 1 Base

    Paint the largest block green and sand the edges. Paint white candy corns around the sides of the block, add yellow and orange stripes. Outline areas of the candy corn with the marker, add glitter glue to the candy corn. Set aside to dry. Paint the two medium blocks white. Let dry and sand edges.  

  • 2 Ghost

    Draw two teardrop shapes and a circle mouth. Fill in the shapes with black. Glue the eyes onto the teardrop shapes.

  • 3 Mummy

    Ink the edges of the block. Paint the wood button white and ink it with the pink inkpad. Glue the button on for a nose. Glue on the wiggle eyes then draw eyebrows and a smile. Cut strips of cheesecloth at 1'' wide. Wrap the block and trim the ends.

  • 4 Pumpkin

    Paint the small block orange and sand the edges. Paint the cork green. Glue the cork to the top of the block. Draw eyes, nose and smile. Fill in with black, glue wiggle eyes onto the triangles. Cut a 4'' section of raffia, tie the center and clue it to the bottom section of the cork.

  • 5 Bat

    Paint the large block black and sand the edges and surface. Paint two yellow crescent shaped eyes and glue on the wiggle eyes. Cut the wings of the bar and glue them onto the back of the block. Cut two triangles from the bat body and glue them onto the top back for ears. Arrange characters onto the base.