Halloween Glass Block

Halloween Glass Block Scarecrow

What You'll Need:

Glass Block
Scarecrow Vinyl
Red Bandana
Leaf Moon Lights
Burlap Ribbon
Black Sharpie® Marker
Hot Glue

Courtesy of Darice®
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 1 Hour

How to Make a Halloween Glass Block

Light up your home this fall with this Halloween Glass Block project! Add a face, hat and bandana to transform this glass block into a cute scarecrow. Turn the lights on inside and you'll have the perfect decoration for your front porch or table.You can even use it as a festive little night-light!

  • 1 Attach vinyl

    Attach the vinyl to the front of the glass block.

  • 2 Outline vinyl

    Use a Sharpie® marker to outline the nose and mouth on the vinyl.

  • 3 Fill block

    Fill the inside of the block with raffia and the leaf moon lights.

  • 4 Add burlap

    Cut 2 sections of burlap ribbon to form a hat. Overlap the 2 ends on 1 section and glue them together, Take the other section for the brim and glue along the bottom edges of the ribbon. Glue on to the right top side of the glass block.

  • 5 Add bandana

    Fold a bandana into a triangle. Fold several times and tie it around the base of the glass block.