Halloween Slime

Halloween Slime

What You'll Need:

Darice® Clear Glue 4 oz.
Baking Soda
Multi-Purpose Contact Solution
Craft Sticks
Measuring Spoons
Rubber Gloves
Chenille Stems-Assorted Colors
Fine Glitter
Wiggle Eyes
Pom Pom-Assorted

Difficulty: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes

How to Make Halloween Slime

What would Halloween be without slime? We don't know! Create your own ooey, gooey but not so spooky spider, pumpkin or Frankenstein slime. This festive slime is a safe and easy craft for kids of all ages and once complete, you'll have a great (and fun) way to celebrate the season!
  • 1 Protect work area

    Prepare your work area as creating slime can be messy.

    Note: 1 bottle of glue makes 1 Halloween Slime craft.

  • 2 Add glue & baking soda

    Add the bottle of glue and 1 tsp. of baking soda to a bowl. Mix.

    DO NOT pour the other ingredients in until you have blended the glue with the baking soda.

  • 3 Add contact solution

    Add 1-2 tsp. of contact solution to the slime.

  • 4 Mix & knead

    Mix until the slime forms and it begins to get harder to mix. Take the slime out and knead with both hands.

  • 5 Add glitter

    After mixing, add your choice of glitter to make either the purple spider, orange pumpkin or green Frankenstein.

  • 6 Decorate the bag

    After the slime is made, place it in a plastic bag. Use the chenille stem color of choice to close up the bag. Add wiggle eyes and pom noses to decorate the bag.