Handmade Holiday Card

Handmade Holiday Card

What You'll Need:

A2 White Cards and Envelopes
Assorted Smooth Cardstock
  -Holiday Colors
Die Cut Embossing Machine
Holiday Die Cuts
Glitter Cardstock
Tape Runner
Foam Pop Dots
Rubber Stamps
Ink Pads
Rounded Corner Punch
1.5" Paper Punch
Sticky Back Vinyl
Paper Cutter

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Time: 20 Minutes Each

How to Make a Handmade Holiday Card

Give your gifts a special touch with a Handmade Holiday Card! From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, you can create each with festive cardstock and die cuts and be ready to celebrate the holidays in no time.
  • 1 Creating the Pumpkin Pie Card

    1. Cut a 4x5 background from the cardstock, corner punch one end and attach it to the card.

    2. Die cut the appropriate shapes.

    3. Assemble the pie and attach to the card using double sided tape.

    4. Stamp "Give Thanks" and use pop dots to attach to the card.

  • 2 Creating the Little Ghost Card

    1. Cover the front of the card using a solid background layer of cardstock with an overlay of the die cut paper.

    2. Stamp a ghost and cut it out. Attach the ghost using the foam pop dots.

    3. Stamp a saying on the die cut piece and attach it to the card using the tape runner.

  • 3 Creating the Monster Card

    1. Cover the front of the card with solid cardstock of choice.

    2. Stamp a monster and bats onto the card.

    3. Stamp other monsters and cut out. Attach them to the card using the foam pop dots.

    4. Paper punch a circle and stamp onto the circle. Attach the circle to the card using the foam pop dots.

  • 4 Creating the Santa Belt Card

    1. Cover the front of the card in green glitter paper.

    2. Cut a 3 1/4" x 4 1/2" piece of red cardstock with one end rounded corner punched.

    3. Die cut the buckle.

    4. Cut a 1" belt from the vinyl with a 1" x 1" square.

    5. Refer to the photo to assemble the belt.