Haunted Ghost Tag

Haunted Ghost Tag

What You'll Need:

Large Wooden Tag
Wooden Ghost
Laser Cut Haunted House
Wooden Bats
Multi-Surface Paint: Orange, White, Black, Green, Purple
Wooden Spools
Warm White Moon Lights
30mm Wiggle Eyes
Sandpaper Block
Mod Podge®
Hot Glue

Difficulty Level: Beginner
Approximate Crafting Time: 1 Hour (Not Including Dry Time)

How to Make a Haunted Ghost Tag

Add a kid friendly decor piece to your Halloween decorations! A Haunted Ghost Tag is a cute, festive piece for beginner crafters to make. 
  • 1 Paint pieces

    Paint the tag orange, the bats purple, the ghost white, the haunted house lettering green and the small sign black. Let dry. 

  • 2 Wipe down purple paint

    Wipe thinned down purple paint onto the sign with a rag. Let dry. 

  • 3 Add glitter

    Mod Podge® the haunted house and sprinkle with green glitter. Mod Podge® the ghost and sprinkle with white glitter. Set aside to dry. 

  • 4 Sand the pieces

    Sand the bats and the small sign. 

  • 5 Wrap moonlights

    Glue wooden spools to the back of the ghost and wrap the moon lights around the spools. Glue a spool to the back of each of the bats.

  • 6 Arrange pieces

    Arrange the pieces on the tag and glue into place. 

  • 7 Add wiggle eyes

    Glue the wiggle eyes onto the ghost.